CP✱ 2020

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
at MIT: Meet the Community

Innovation and entrepreneurship is in MIT’s DNA. Find out how you can be an innovator from the first day you step foot on campus.

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Friday, April 17

12:00—12:30 — Social Innovation at MIT

Presented by IDEAS

IDEAS is an annual innovation and social entrepreneurship program for MIT students and their collaborators housed in the PKG Center for Public Service. We enable students to apply their MIT education in real-world situations to tackle quality of life issues for people around the world.

Meet this year’s finalists at their virtual showcase: bit.ly/IDEAS20vote

7:00PM — Startup+VC Pictionary with StartLabs!


Presented by StartLabs

60 seconds on the clock: your word is IPO. Join StartLabs, MIT’s undergraduate entrepreneurship club, for a game of startup-themed pictionary! We’ll tell you about the startup scene at MIT and quiz you on venture capital. No knowledge of anything ever required. BYOD: bring your own dinner.


7:00PM — Snacks & Stories with SWE!


Presented by Society of Women Engineers

Join the MIT Society of Women Engineers chapter to talk about who we are, what we do, and what it’s like to be a female engineer. We’ll be answering questions about our experiences with SWE and MIT – questions will be taken live and ahead of time at https://tinyurl.com/ro4x2t8.

Stories provided by MIT SWE, snacks provided by you!

9:00PM — Slideshow Karaoke with HackMIT!


Presented by HackMIT

HackMIT is MIT’s largest hackathon, held annually every fall for undergraduates around the world. For 24 hours, over 1,000 hackers gather on campus to experiment and innovate on cool software and hardware projects! Our 30-member organizing team is a close-knit group of undergraduates who put on HackMIT and Blueprint, a high school hackathon in the spring. Slideshow karaoke is an improv game where participants give presentations based on slides they’ve never seen before — if you’re interested in giving or seeing us give some *interesting* presentations, then come join us for some good vibes! 

Saturday, April 18



Student Innovator Stories

11:00 — Jeremy Ney


Project Name:
Earned Credit Project

The Earned Credit Project is joining data science with community organizing to help low-income Americans get access to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).


Sloan Teach Club
MIT Entrepreneurs Club
Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
MIT Innovation Initiative

11:15 — Piyush Verma


Project Name:

Sustainable alternative to Etsy/Artnet.


MIT Innovation Initiative

11:30 — Hector Castillo


Project Name:
Floe, LLC

Ice dams are winter’s most destructive problem for building owners. They are formed by a combination of winter precipitation and heat differential on a roof, trapping melted snow that leads to wanter damage inside the building. Floe is a smart, cleantech solution that discharges this standing water by creating channels in the ice dam with a non-corrosive, biodegradable, and pet and plant safe deicing fluid. Floe provides customers with asset protection and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of current solutions.


MIT I-Corps
MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition
Ventureships Club
MIT Bootcamps

11:45 — Elorm Koto


Project Name:

Modern public transportation on Ghana



12:00 — Jakub Chudik


Project Name:

We help free-to-play mobile games make more money by personalizing in-game purchases so that every player can buy what they want, when they want it at a price they can afford.


MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition
Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI)
MIT Bootcamps
MIT I-Corps
Technology Licensing Office
MIT Innovation Initiative

12:15 — Ignacio Ortega Castineiras


Project Name:
Beavers Who Tutor

Beavers Who Tutor is a network of MIT students hoping to help students learning from home by providing tutoring services from regular subject material to extracurricular coaching.



MIT Entrepreneurs Club

12:30 — Andrea Moncada


Project Name:
UROP for Barrier Contraception

Creating an applicator for condoms that encourages their use to better prevent STIs and unintended pregnancies.


Sandbox, MIT Innovation Initiative

12:45 — Catherine Zeng


Project Name:
Lambda Tea

How spending too much money on boba led us to build an automatic boba dispenser.



Details to follow.

1:00 — CovEd Team


Project Name:
Continuing K-12 Education During the COVID-19 Outbreak



Details to follow.

1:15 — Stephanie Hu



Project Name:
Covid-19 Clinical Resource Repository

We developed this site as a curated and easily-searchable directory of publicly-available practice guidelines, clinical protocols, and other pertinent resources for healthcare professionals fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. This project started when a couple of critical care clinicians at UCSF noticed the need for way to centralize clinical information related to Covid-19, and the tool has since been offered institutional support by UCSF to reach a wider audience.


MIT Innovation Initiative

1:30 — Sabrina Khan


Project Name:
Women in Aerospace Engineering (WAE) and Women in STEM Week (WiSTEM)

Women in Aerospace Engineering is a student group dedicated to community building, professional development and outreach for women in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. We help spearhead a campus-wide event called Women in STEM Week, which encourages women across MIT to network and bond.


Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
MIT Innovation Initiative
MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI)

Click here for the password for all MITii Zoom calls.



Student Club Chats

11:00 — UAV Club: Drones, Drones, Drones!!!


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Student Group

The UAV club works on projects involving drones. These include anything from building drones from scratch to using a fleet of drones to perform pest control in giant farmland. Come learn about the work we do and cool projects you might feel like joining.


11:30 — Brainstorm and Play with the Undergraduate Innovation Committee


Presented by Undergraduate Association Innovation Committee

Come join us to hear about the projects we do to help support the MIT community & meet our members!

We’d love to brainstorm with you and play some games at the same time 🙂


3:00— Startup Family Feud with StartLabs!


Presented by

We asked 100 MIT geniuses 20 startup related questions. Can you guess their answers better than the StartLabs team? Join StartLabs, MIT’s undergraduate entrepreneurship club, in talking about the MIT entrepreneurship community and how much we all love/hate/admire/despise Elon Musk.




Talk with I&E Organizations

11:00 and 11:45 — Beaver Works Q&A



Presented by Beaver Works

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center (Lincoln Beaver Works) conducts research and educational programs that strengthen and expand collaborative efforts between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus. 


11:00 and 12:00 — MIT Sandbox: Entrepreneurship Opportunities



Presented by MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program

Entrepreneurship is not merely about starting new companies. At MIT, It’s about developing a mindset and learning skills that are complementary to those you acquire through the rigorous academic and research programs. MIT is about a well-rounded education and Sandbox provides a great way to explore and possible get a start-up off the ground while pursuing a meaningful interest.


11:15 and 12:15 — Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Q&A



Presented by Lemelson-MIT

Janell will provide a brief overview about the Lemelson-MIT Program as a whole, and more specifically, the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize collegiate invention competition, which is most applicable to this audience. She is available to answer any questions after the overview.


11:15 and 12:30 — Arts at MIT: Creative Arts Competition



Presented by the MIT Creative Arts Competition

The MIT Creative Arts Competition is an annual contest designed to encourage arts-focused startups at the Institute. The $15,000 prize is offered as a grant to help launch the winning enterprise and enable the recipient(s) to join the ranks of MIT’s successful startup founders.


11:30 and 12:15 — Technology Licensing Office: From the Lab to the Marketplace



Presented by the Technology Licensing Office (TLO)

Have you ever wondered how an invention becomes a product? Do you know what is considered intellectual property (IP) and how it can be protected through the patenting process? The process by which MIT commercializes its intellectual property is called technology transfer and is managed by the MIT Technology Licensing Office. Join us to learn how we serve the MIT community of inventors through assessing, protecting, and commercializing MIT’s intellectual property. Please bring your questions!


11:30 and 12:30 — The Martin Trust Center: Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Students



Presented by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship will answer your questions about the vast opportunities for MIT students interested in learning more about entrepreneurship at MIT. Included will be a tour of Orbit, MIT’s online platform of customized entrepreneurship resources that incoming first years can start to take advantage of now!


11:45 and 12:45 — SOLVE at MIT: Get Exposed to Social Innovation Ecosystem!



Presented by SOLVE

Learn more about Solve, MIT’s marketplace for social impact innovation and how you can get involved! Through open innovation Challenges, Solve finds incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world. Solve then brings together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and a community of Members to fund and support these entrepreneurs to help them drive lasting, transformational impact.


12:00 and 12:45 — Legatum Center: Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Emerging Markets



Presented by the Legatum Center

Join the Legatum Center for a conversation on innovation-driven entrepreneurship for emerging markets.


The I&E Community

Explore the dozens of organizations MIT run by I&E Leaders—students, faculty, and staff. Search by Make (Access 3D printers & other equipment at MIT maker spaces); Meet (Student groups, clubs, and other communities); Mentors (Get feedback & advice from mentors); Method (Learn about entrepreneurship & innovation from these classes and offices); Money (Explore funding opportunities to take your idea to impact).

$100K Entrepreneurship Competition

MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition brings together students and researchers from across MIT and Greater Boston to launch their talent, ideas, and technology into leading companies. The competition runs as series of distinct, increasingly intensive contests: Pitch, Accelerate, and Launch. ... EXPLORE

Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS)

J-WAFS is catalyzing research and innovation at MIT to find solutions to urgent global water and food systems challenges in order to secure humankind’s vital resources. Connect with us at jwafs@mit.edu. EXPLORE

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Student chapter of the national organization. Hold events to promote interaction between undergraduates and faculty. Mission also includes promoting interest in american aviation and actively bringing opportunities to undergraduates. Connect with us at aiaa-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Assistive Technology Club

Our mission is to make the world more accessible to everyone by building connections within our community and fostering collaborative efforts to create inclusive technology. Through ATHack, we introduce students to the fun (and challenging) design space of assistive technology while building ... EXPLORE


The MIT Lincoln Laboratory BeaverWorks Center conducts research and educational programs that strengthen and expand collaborative efforts between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus. Connect with us at llbw-Info@ll.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Biotech Group

Aims to increase the pace of biotechnological innovation by building strong, symbiotic relationships between the MIT community and thought-leaders in academia, industry, and business. Connect with us at biotech@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Bitcoin Club MIT

We believe Bitcoin has the potential to be not just a digital currency but the future of money. While it is still in the early stages we see Bitcoin as a protocol or platform on which financial and non-financial transactions can be conducted. Connect with us at MITBTC-Officers@mit.edu. EXPLORE


An intense week-long innovation and leadership program that challenges participants to develop a venture in a week. Connect with us at bootcamp@mit.edu. EXPLORE

China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (CHIEF)

Promotes intellectual exchanges and collaborations between the United States and China in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Connect with us at info@mitchief.org. EXPLORE

Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization

MIT CEO is a MIT-funded student group founded by a group of MIT student entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be to create a closer community among MIT entrepreneurs and MIT students who are seriously considering starting their ventures. Connect with us at mitceo-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Clean Energy Prize

A multi-stage, student-organized business plan competition. Connect with us at CLEANENERGYPRIZE@MIT.EDU. EXPLORE

Code for Good

Code for Good is an MIT student group that brings students together with local nonprofit organizations to make a direct positive impact with computer science. Connect with us at codeforgood-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Creative Arts Competition

The MIT Creative Arts Competition is an annual contest designed to encourage arts-focused startups at the Institute. The $15,000 prize is offered as a grant to help launch the winning enterprise. EXPLORE

Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) Student Council

The DUSP Student Council or the DSC is an organization representing the students of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The DSC serves as the primary liaison between students staff and faculty and works to improve student life within the department. Connect with us at dsc-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Moving technology: lab to market. The Center helps MIT students and faculty commercialize breakthrough technologies and inventions through our grant program. Connect with us at deshpandecenter@mit.edu EXPLORE

Design for America (DFA) DesignX

Connecting students to create real-world solutions. Connect with us at dfa-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE


Design/Build/Fly is an AIAA competition in which teams of university students design and build a fixed-wing aircraft for three specific missions and then fly it at the competition in April. Connect with us at dbf-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Dormitory Council

The Dormitory Council (DormCon) is a confederacy of undergraduate dormitories that coordinates programs and policies that effect and benefit the entire dormitory system. Connect with us at dormcon-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Edgerton Center

The place where mind and hand come together. Design and build prototypes, learn new skills, explore madcap ideas, and get advice and encouragement. EXPLORE

Electric Vehicle Team

The MIT Electric Vehicle Team (EVT) is a group of active undergraduate and graduate students at MIT who are dedicated to the research design and operation of electric vehicles (EVs). Connect with us at evt-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE


An undergraduate-run, Institute-sponsored group which enables the pursuit of massive positive change. Connect with us at endeavors@mit.edu EXPLORE

Energy Club

Brings students, professionals, and policymakers together for fact-based analyses of the most pressing challenges in energy. Connect with us at energyclub@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Energy for Human Development (e4Dev)

A student group and discussion forum exploring energy and human development challenges in the developing world. Connect with us at e4dev@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Engineers Without Borders

A non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide and improve their quality of life through hands-on engineering projects. Connect with us at ewb-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Entrepreneurs Club

An MIT academic club that focuses on helping to develop all aspects of science, engineering, and technology business creation. Connect with us at e-club-officers@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Trust Center staff features highly experienced professionals who have worked in numerous startups and share their experience with MIT students EXPLORE

Food & Agriculture Club

Brings together students and other MIT community members to coordinate and support work in the areas of food and agriculture. Connect with us at foodandag.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Formula SAE Team (FSAE)

A student-run team at MIT that designs and builds formula-style cars for the international Formula SAE competition. Connect with us at FSAE@MIT.EDU. EXPLORE

Global Startup Workshop (GSW)

The premier global training and networking event for entrepreneurs. Connect with us at gsw-directors@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

GEL helps you develop the capabilities you will need to leverage your technical skills for maximum impact by offering students unique professional development opportunities, and connections with our industry and alumni networks. EXPLORE

Hacking Arts

MIT's annual festival celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship in the creative arts. Connect with us at hackingarts@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Hacking Discrimination

The idea of having student teams address issues of discrimination and racism started with MIT Black alumni in Washington, DC - frustrated by violence in the news, continued social and economic roadblocks to progress for minorities, and challenged by President Reif’s call to action: What Are We To Do? EXPLORE

Hacking Medicine

Energizing and connecting the best minds across the healthcare ecosystem to solve healthcare's biggest challenges and to teach healthcare entrepreneurship and digital strategies to scale medicine. Connect with ust at hackmed-info@mit.edu. EXPLORE


HackMIT is MIT’s headline hackathon, with over 1000 undergraduate attendees from around the globe. Over a 24-hour period from September 14th to 15th, hackers collaborate and experiment on software and hardware projects. This is the weekend to meet other enthusiastic hackers, push your ... EXPLORE

IDEAS Global Challenge

IDEAS is MIT’s annual social innovation challenge and has been bringing MIT students together with mentors from industry, academia, and community organizations for nearly 20 years to tackle pressing social and environmental issues through innovation. EXPLORE


A rapidly growing community of creators who share one simple desire: to collaborate on passions with amazing people. Connect with us atincube@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship

Empowers the MIT community to accelerate social and economic progress across the developing world through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Connect with us at legatum.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Lemelson-MIT Program

Celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Connect with us at info-lemelson@mit.edu. EXPLORE


MakeMIT is an engineering makeathon that brings together over 250 students who are passionate about designing and building. Across 18+ hours, groups of makers work together to develop an idea and materialize it through the engineering design process. Connect with us at team@makemit.org. EXPLORE

Marine Robotics Team

Pursues projects related to robotics, ocean exploration, and marine technology. Connect with us at marineroboticsteam-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

Provides the expertise, support, and connections MIT students need to become effective entrepreneurs. Connect with us at trustcenter@mit.edu. EXPLORE

MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives)

MIT's flagship international education program, matching over 900 undergraduate and graduate students with tailored internship, teaching, and research opportunities around the world each year. EXPLORE


MIT D-Lab works with people around the world to develop and advance collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges. EXPLORE

MIT delta v

The capstone entrepreneurial education experience for MIT students, the delta v accelerator in MIT and New York City prepares student-led ventures to hit escape velocity and launch into the real world. EXPLORE

MIT Edgerton Center

Build prototypes, learn new skills, explore madcap ideas, and get advice and encouragement—the Edgerton Center is the place where mind and hand come together. EXPLORE

MIT Electronics Research Society (MITERS)

MIT's only student-run shop. Connect with us at miters-president@mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT FinTech

Aiming to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in financial technology and innovation on campus. Connect with us at fintech.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Convenes MIT students, faculty, and researchers to work on various entrepreneurial and research projects alongside Hong Kong-based students and faculty, MIT alumni, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Connect with us at hkinnovationnode@mit.edu EXPLORE

MIT Impact Investing Initiative

Impact investing is the investment in organizations with the goal of achieving positive, measurable social or environmental impact alongside financial returns. Connect with us at mi3.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Project Manus

Project Manus is MIT's effort to upgrade makerspaces and foster maker communities. Connect with us at metropolis-staff@mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Robotics Team

A student-run group exploring exciting new technology, learning critical skills, and promoting the field of robotics through entering a variety of competitions. Connect with us at roboteam-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Sloan Astropreneurship and Space Industry Club

MIT New Space and Age Conference. Connect with us at asic.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Sloan Blockchain Club

The MIT Sloan Blockchain Business Club brings MIT the skills and community to create more knowledgeable, well-rounded, future leaders in the Blockchain world. Connect with us at blockchain.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

MIT Sloan Net Impact

Net Impact empowers a new generation to drive social and environmental change throughout their careers. Our volunteer-led chapter drives change by creating a like-minded community and providing events and programs that support members who aim to use business as a force for environmental & ... EXPLORE

MIT Undergraduate Association Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee works to improve MIT and broader community by establishing initiatives that increase opportunity, bridge gaps, and help students and community members build a better world. Connect with us at ua-innovation@mit.edu. EXPLORE


An entrepreneurial accelerator for student ventures, with a vision to transform the built environment, media and design. Helps students to launch ideas into real-world products or systems, offering tools, capital, skills, and network. Connect with us at designx@mit.edu. EXPLORE

New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET)

The New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) program was launched in 2017 to reimagine engineering education at MIT. A cross-departmental endeavor with a focus on integrative, project-centric learning, NEET cultivates the essential skills, knowledge, and qualities to address the ... EXPLORE

Priscilla King Gray (PKG) Public Service Center

Offers a wide range of support for public service experiences that suit the interests, abilities, and needs of MIT students, and in some cases, the larger MIT community. Connect with us at pkgcenter@mit.edu. EXPLORE


ProjX is a branch of TechX that provides up to $500 in funding for students every semester, helping students bring their dream projects to life and giving them the chance to demo their creations at the annual xFair and ProjXpo. Connect with us at projx@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Robotic Futbol Club

A group of mechanical and electrical engineers and computer scientists from MIT and Harvard University collaborating to build a team of robots for the small-size league of the Robocup competition. Connect with us at robocup-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Rocket Team

An independent student group at MIT focused on rocket-related projects. Connect with us at rt-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sandbox Innovation Fund Program

MIT Sandbox provides seed funding for student-initiated entrepreneurship ideas, mentoring from within MIT and from a broad network of committed partners, and tailored educational experiences. Connect with us at sandbox@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan Business Club

Sloan Business Club is the premier business club at MIT for undergraduates. Spanning finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more, SBC attracts and caters to the most business-minded individuals on campus. Connect with us at sbc-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan Education Club

A group of students at the MIT Sloan School of Management with an interest in the education sector, with a mission to help fellow students sort through their options in the education space. Connect with us at edclub@sloan.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID)

A group of over 130 students who seek to drive sustainable global development through entrepreneurship. Connect with us at seidofficers@sloan.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) Club

Supports over 350 members with an extensive program including sharing and connecting students with externship, internship and fellowship opportunities, organized treks to entrepreneurial ecosystems. Connect with us at eiclub.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan for Inclusion

Since its founding, Breaking the Mold (now known as Sloan for Inclusion) has served as a platform for three conferences, four workshops, two hackathons, and dozens of open discussions, all aimed at promoting tolerance and understanding. In all, these events have drawn more than a thousand ... EXPLORE

Sloan Healthcare Club

A student-run club dedicated to promoting a breadth of experiences for members to engage and explore opportunities in healthcare. EXPLORE

Sloan Tech Club

Educates members about the high-tech industry and to give them opportunities to interact with companies in this field. Connect with us atsloantechclub@sloan.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Sloan Women in Management (SWIM)

Works to increase opportunities for all women at MIT Sloan through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, and mentorship programs. Connect with us at swim.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu. EXPLORE

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Striving to inspire younger generations about engineering, encourage the notion of diversity in engineering, and determine and advocate for the needs of women engineers at MIT and the broader community. Connect with us at swe-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Solar Electric Vehicle Team

A student group at MIT drawing on a broad range of technical knowledge encompassing all fields of engineering and science. Connect with us at gosolar@mit.edu EXPLORE


Solve finds incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world, then brings together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and a community of Members to fund and support these entrepreneurs to help them drive lasting, transformational impact. EXPLORE


MIT's undergraduate entrepreneurship club. Connect with us at startlabs-management@mit.edu. EXPLORE


A two-and-a-half week Independent Activities Period course aimed at exposing members of the MIT community to the elements of entrepreneurship. Connect with us at startmit@mit.edu. EXPLORE


A two-and-a-half week Independent Activities Period course aimed at exposing members of the MIT community to the elements of entrepreneurship. EXPLORE

Startup Exchange

An integrated program of MIT Corporate Relations designed to promote partnering between MIT-connected startups and industry, principally members of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). Connect with us at startupexchange@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Startup Exchange

An integrated program of MIT Corporate Relations designed to promote partnering between MIT-connected startups and industry, principally members of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). EXPLORE


TechLink's mission is to help promote, catalyze and host interpersonal networking, and knowledge sharing to lay the foundations for many types of future partnerships among graduate students from all disciplines at MIT. Connect with us at techlink-contact@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Technology Licensing Office (TLO)

We cultivate an inclusive environment of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence, and bridge connections from MIT's research community to industry and startups, by strategically evaluating, protecting, and licensing technology. Connect with us at tlo@mit.edu. EXPLORE


A student-run organization that aims to empower MIT students by bringing cutting-edge technology, new ideas, and top tech-innovators to campus. Connect with us at techx-exec@mit.edu EXPLORE

Undergraduate Association

MIT's undergraduate student government, set up to improve student life at MIT. Connect with us at ua-admin@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Team

A student-run group which aims to teach members of the MIT community the necessary hands-on engineering skills involved in building aerial robotic systems. Connect with us at mit-uav-core@mit.edu EXPLORE

Venture Capital & Private Equity (VCPE) Club

Provides members with opportunities to learn about the venture capital and private equity industries, to interact with leading professional investors and business executives, and to develop relationships with members of the MIT community who share similar interests. EXPLORE

Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)

VMS is a free and confidential mentoring service for entrepreneurs in the MIT community. Connect with us at vms@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Ventureships Club

Aims to enhance the startup working experiences of MIT students. Connect with us at ventureships_executive@mit.edu. EXPLORE


Aims to bring together students and experts who are excited about Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality. Connect with us at vr-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Waste Alliance

Fosters a forum where students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industrial practitioners, and policy makers can come together, share, and discuss waste-sector issues and innovations. Connect with us at wastealliance-exec@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Water Club

The premier network for water-related research and innovation at MIT. Connect with us at waterclub-officers@mit.edu. EXPLORE

Women Business Leaders

Come meet other enthusiastic makers, work with cutting edge technology, and turn your crazy ideas into reality! EXPLORE

Women in Aerospace Engineering

MIT Women in Aerospace Engineering fosters a community among women interested in pursuing aerospace careers. WAE hosts events throughout the year to fulfill its overarching goals. These events include a mentorship program, guest lectures, career development seminars, and outreach events to ... EXPLORE

Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Women in EECS (WiEECS) is an undergraduate organization of women studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Connect with us at http://womenineecs.mit.edu. EXPLORE

The I&E Ecosystem Map

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The MIT Innovation Initiative is a small team of unceasingly inquisitive, data-obsessed MIT-ers tasked by The Office of the Provost to develop and strengthen the innovation & entrepreneurial community at MIT…and beyond. We’ve built an innovation infrastructure at MIT to inspire, support, and connect the most innovative people, programs, places, and partnerships at MIT—stewarding the innovation process from idea to impact.